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Important reminders to help children avoid a bicycle accident

Minnesota parents have endless worries when it comes to their children's safety. Though there are not as many children riding their bicycles to school, it never hurts to teach children the basics in order to prevent a bicycle accident. For those families whose children may choose to bike to school, there are several tips that can make these trips more enjoyable and safer. 

Minnesota pedestrian accident occrred in early morning hours

Readers who are aged 50 and beyond might recall a time in life when many people used to walk to work. Nowadays, it is no doubt more rare than it used to be; however, there are still some people who live close enough to their workplaces that they can commute on foot. Navigating a Minnesota roadway as a pedestrian requires caution and alertness. Pedestrians, like those who travel by motor vehicle, are at risk for injuries, but they do have a right to expect nearby drivers to adhere to traffic laws and safety regulations to reduce the chances that a pedestrian accident might occur.

Parking lots present serious risks for a pedestrian accident

As the cold weather approaches, Minnesota residents are gearing up for all of the challenges that winter driving poses. In addition to the hazards of snow and ice, the upcoming holiday season further increases the risk of a serious pedestrian accident befalling an unsuspecting victim. The National Safety Council has reminded the public about the dangers posed by parking lots

Charges filed against woman who caused deadly pedestrian accident

One of the most difficult lessons in life is the realization that some of the most mundane and ordinary activities in life can end in tragedy. This past January, a beloved Minnesota grandmother made a decision that ended in her unexpected death after a fatal pedestrian accident. Though the crash occurred months ago, the woman driving the vehicle was only recently formally charged.

Judge suspends prison for woman charged in pedestrian accident

In spite of the efforts to educate the public about the dangers of drunk driving, too many motorists still drink and drive. Though impaired drivers never intend to cause harm to an innocent person, the fact remains that countless families have been shattered by the loss of loved ones in these senseless crashes. Recently, a Minnesota judge suspended the four-year prison sentence imposed for the death of a victim in a pedestrian accident.

Community warns of dangers after serious pedestrian accident

One of the functions of a community is to report dangers to those in local government in an effort to bolster the safety of its residents and visitors. Unfortunately, in spite of the efforts to raise awareness of existing dangers, there will continue to be serious accidents until government officials take corrective actions. In the wake of one serious pedestrian accident in Minnesota, a community is once again speaking out about a dangerous crossing.

Unidentified woman seriously injured in pedestrian accident

Officials in cities and towns throughout Minnesota work hard to ensure the safety of the public. One of the measures they take is to carefully mark pedestrian crossings in an effort to protect walkers from motorists. Unfortunately, in spite of the laws and safety markings, a pedestrian accident is an unfortunate reality when a driver is inattentive or otherwise negligent. 


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