Parents and their role in reducing distracted driving accidents

When teens start driving, it can be an exciting time for a Minnesota family. After all, it may mean that Mom and Dad no longer have to drive that member of the family from place to place. It is also a great time of new independence and growth for the teen. It can also be a dangerous time, and parents would be wise to make the effort to ensure that young drivers in their homes are making smart, safe choices behind the wheel.

Every age group is susceptible to distracted driving, but it can be an especially prominent issue for teen drivers. They use their phones extensively in their everyday lives, and it's hard to turn that habit off while behind the wheel. When Minnesota parents take the time to teach and encourage safe driving habits, teens will be safer, and there will be fewer distracted drivers out on the road.

A dangerous problem 

Many teens report to their parents that they have friends who drive while distracted. Around 60% say that they have friends who lost their focus while driving, even with others in the vehicle. These facts underline the importance of good training and raising kids to be safety-minded passengers and drivers.

Parents play a significant role in how teens learn to drive and what they do once they get behind the wheel. Some of the things that parents can do to train their kids, enforce good habits and instill proper skills include the following:

  • Exhibiting good habits while driving, including putting the phone down and avoiding things like adjusting the radio
  • Limiting the amount of time that teens can drive and where they can drive, such as the interstate
  • Limiting the number of kids who can ride in the car with the teen or prohibiting this entirely
  • Limiting driving at night or when the weather is bad

These are all simple ways to reduce the chance that a teen driver will be distracted, make a poor decision or face dangerous or distracting conditions while driving. With a few rules and teaching their kids, parents can play an important role in reducing the overall number of preventable motor vehicle accidents.

In the event of an accident

If you suffered injuries because of a distracted or inexperienced driver, you may have grounds to pursue compensation through a civil claim. No matter the age of the other driver, it may be possible for you to recoup your accident-related losses and secure what you need to move forward.

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