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Recent weekday car accident claims married couple

When one hears of fatal crashes, it may be common to assume that either intoxication or foul weather are to blame. However, sometimes, distracted driving or other negligent behaviors are to blame. A recent Minnesota car accident may have been caused by an inattentive dump truck driver.

No matter one's experience, motorcycle accidents take a toll

Every year, public service campaigns are launched to remind motorists to drive with caution and be alert for other vehicles. The majority of motorists are diligent to watch for potential hazards that could lead to motorcycle accidents, though many motorcyclists suffer serious or even fatal injuries from inattentive drivers. Sadly, even the most experienced Minnesota riders can fall victim to a serious crash.

Parents and their role in reducing distracted driving accidents

When teens start driving, it can be an exciting time for a Minnesota family. After all, it may mean that Mom and Dad no longer have to drive that member of the family from place to place. It is also a great time of new independence and growth for the teen. It can also be a dangerous time, and parents would be wise to make the effort to ensure that young drivers in their homes are making smart, safe choices behind the wheel.

Parking lots present serious risks for a pedestrian accident

As the cold weather approaches, Minnesota residents are gearing up for all of the challenges that winter driving poses. In addition to the hazards of snow and ice, the upcoming holiday season further increases the risk of a serious pedestrian accident befalling an unsuspecting victim. The National Safety Council has reminded the public about the dangers posed by parking lots


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