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Officers in one community work to prevent pedestrian accidents

Minnesota law requires motorists to yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian in a marked crossing as soon as he or she has left the safety of the sidewalk. Though the law is stated clearly, there have been countless pedestrian accidents that have resulted in serious injuries. Recent enforcement campaigns have shed light on how widespread the dangers are when drivers fail to obey this law.

Police officers in one Minnesota community conducted a campaign to ensure compliance for the second year that targeted several crosswalk areas over a period of days. Over a four-day span at a dozen locations, more than 163 drivers were stopped last year for not yielding to pedestrians. Of that number, approximately 131 received traffic citations. The operation involves officers dressed in plain clothes attempting to cross at designated crosswalks. 

Distracted driving leading to increased numbers of car accidents

One of the milestones for many is obtaining a driver's license. This comes with the responsibility to operate a motor vehicle in a safe and courteous manner. Sadly, Minnesota reports an increase in the number of serious car accidents that have been attributed to distracted driving.

According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, an estimated one out of every four crashes in the state is the result of driver distractions. Approximately 70 people are killed in these types of crashes every year while another 350 victims suffer serious injuries. The actual numbers are believed to be much higher, but investigators are not always able to confirm whether distraction was a factor in a crash.

Minneapolis ranks 14th in animal attacks against mail carriers

Those who work for the United States Postal Service provide an invaluable service throughout the nation. They work in all climates and endure the hardships of harsh weather and unfavorable environmental conditions, including negotiating the traffic and road conditions in large cities and rural areas. They also face another hazard -- unprovoked animal attacks that occur too frequently in cities such as Minneapolis.

Recently, one mail carrier shared his experience while delivering mail on a route with which he was unaccustomed. As he approached one residence to slide the mail into the provided slot, he suddenly became aware of an animal launching itself out of an unsecured window. The dog then hurtled itself at the unprepared man and latched onto his arm. In a panic, the worker then forcefully yanked his arm out of the animal's mouth. As the dog prepared to attack again, the carrier shifted his bag to absorb the blow.

Riders urged to learn measures to avoid motorcycle accidents

Every year, Minnesota police respond to numerous reports of collisions involving motorcycles. There have been three riders who have recently died in tragic motorcycle accidents. Though one of those crashes may have been caused by operator error, two of those deaths resulted from the actions of another motorist.

One of the most common causes of crashes can be attributed to motorists making a left turn in front of an approaching motorcycle. Two of those recently killed were a husband and wife who crashed when a car made such a turn in front of the group of motorcyclists with whom they were traveling. Though there are several agencies who encourage motorists to be aware of sharing the road, there remains a serious risk to motorcyclists from inattentive drivers who do not notice these smaller-profile vehicles.

What happens when you’re injured by an Uber or Lyft driver?

Ridesharing has grown explosively in the last several years, and both Uber and Lyft are now multibillion-dollar companies. With so many people grabbing rides on their phone, collisions are inevitable. Unfortunately, the question of compensation is an emerging area of law and can depend on several factors. What happens when you’re injured by a Lyft or Uber driver?

Unsecured loads present serious danger of fatal car accidents

All too frequently, motorists find themselves behind a commercial vehicle carrying a load that brings feelings of unease. Most of the time, drivers are able to take measures to avoid these vehicles, as they pose a danger of causing serious car accidents if the load is not properly secured. Sadly, one such load recently caused the death of two Minnesota residents.

According to the accident report, a vehicle that was carrying a 67-year-old woman and her 32-year-old daughter was traveling north down a local road in a city south of Minneapolis. As they were proceeding on their way, a commercial vehicle carrying a load of boulders was traveling south in the opposing lane. For reasons that are yet unclear, one of the large boulders became dislodged from the truck, traveled off the back of the trailer and collided forcefully with the women's vehicle.

5 tips for keeping your kids visible when biking

Many kids here in Minnesota use bikes to get out and about during the summer. So, this time of year, it can be very important for parents to give careful attention to bicycle safety.

There are many things parents can do to try to ensure their kids are safe when out biking this summer. One is keeping their children as visible as possible.


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