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How hands-free laws impact rates of distracted driving accidents

Many states around the country are taking action to prevent accidents caused by distracted driving. One thing that serves as a distraction for many people behind the wheel is their mobile phone. In response, many state governments have enacted laws to ban cellphone use behind the wheel. Minnesota is no different, as a law prohibiting cellphone use while driving took effect just last year. However, some experts are unsure whether these kinds of laws actually reduce distracted driving accidents.

One study found that states with hands-free laws average a 15% drop in fatal traffic accidents. Digging further into the report, it even shows that this decrease still happens when accounting for driving rates. This is important because if the amount that people drive is going down, that could be the cause for the reduction in fatal crashes. However, that is not the case with this particular report. 

Important reminders to help children avoid a bicycle accident

Minnesota parents have endless worries when it comes to their children's safety. Though there are not as many children riding their bicycles to school, it never hurts to teach children the basics in order to prevent a bicycle accident. For those families whose children may choose to bike to school, there are several tips that can make these trips more enjoyable and safer. 

The first step is to select a bicycle that is the best fit. A child who is comfortable is more confident and can focus on riding safely. Children also need a suitable helmet that will be comfortable and stylish while providing important protection. It is recommended that youngsters are taught how to fix a flat tire and do other simple repairs if the need arises and can be completed safely.

Hazardous conditions put shoppers at risk

Stores are generally much less busy following the holiday shopping season. There are still plenty of shoppers out and about, though. With smaller crowds and less traffic, it probably seems like an ideal time to run errands. That does not mean it is any safer to do so. Most people in Minnesota consider shopping to be a pretty safe activity, but hazardous conditions both in and outside of stores put everyone at risk for shopping injuries.

Shopping injuries come in many shapes and forms, although the most well-known type might be slip-and-fall accidents. Victims can also suffer injuries when shopping carts tip over, stores are overcrowded or parking lots are poorly maintained. Sprains, broken bones, neck or spinal injury, head trauma and death are just a few examples of the serious injuries related to shopping accidents.

Minnesota pedestrian accident occrred in early morning hours

Readers who are aged 50 and beyond might recall a time in life when many people used to walk to work. Nowadays, it is no doubt more rare than it used to be; however, there are still some people who live close enough to their workplaces that they can commute on foot. Navigating a Minnesota roadway as a pedestrian requires caution and alertness. Pedestrians, like those who travel by motor vehicle, are at risk for injuries, but they do have a right to expect nearby drivers to adhere to traffic laws and safety regulations to reduce the chances that a pedestrian accident might occur.

tragic incident took place on a recent Friday morning at approximately 6:30 a.m. when a vehicle struck a woman who was walking to work. Rescuers who responded to the scene reportedly found the woman unresponsive. After transporting her to a local hospital, she was pronounced dead. 

Did you get enough sleep last night to drive safely?

More and more people are taking steps to make sleep a bigger priority in their lives. The fast pace of life in a technologically advanced world makes it challenging to carve out time to get enough sleep, in order to feel refreshed and rested the next day.

How often have you relied on a second cup of coffee just to shake off the grogginess that happens when you didn't get enough sleep the night before? Did you even hesitate to get behind the wheel of your car in that state? If not, you aren't the only one. Most people understand the fatigue that comes with having a busy and full life, but they, and perhaps you, may not quite understand the danger.

Boy, bystander suffer serious dog bites from unprovoked attack

Dogs serve many useful purposes for people. Unfortunately, even the most loyal companion animal can harbor a dark and dangerous side. When these pets launch an unprovoked attack on an unsuspecting victim, the injuries from the dog bites and the psychological damage can last for years. Recently, two Minnesota residents endured the trauma that comes from these types of terrifying attacks.

An 11-year-old boy was returning home from school on a recent Monday afternoon. As he got off of his school bus, he saw two pit-bull type dogs approaching him in a menacing manner. As he attempted to back away from the animals, they attacked. He was pulled off of his feet while the dogs repeatedly bit him on his legs and arms. As he was under attack, he cried out repeatedly for help.

Attractive nuisances can lead to premises liability lawsuits

Parents nationwide, including Minnesota, know all too well how quickly the curiosity of young children or toddlers can propel them toward harm. The instincts of kids to explore can take them to dangerous places that intrigue and excite them. That is why there are attractive nuisance laws and premises liability lawsuits that aim to protect the little ones.

What is an attractive nuisance? It is any structure or object that is overwhelmingly inviting while being dangerous at the same time. Laws require property owners to take measures that will prevent young children from access and injuries. If a child is injured or harmed by such conditions, the parents might have grounds to pursue financial relief. The courts deal with each case individually, based on the circumstances.

Recent weekday car accident claims married couple

When one hears of fatal crashes, it may be common to assume that either intoxication or foul weather are to blame. However, sometimes, distracted driving or other negligent behaviors are to blame. A recent Minnesota car accident may have been caused by an inattentive dump truck driver.

The fatal crash took place along Highway 55 on a Thursday afternoon. According to responding police officers, road conditions were dry at the time of the collision. The initial report stated that a semi truck was stopped in the left lane while waiting to complete a left-hand turn. Two other vehicles were behind the truck -- a couple in a passenger car and a pickup truck behind them. Police said that a driver operating a construction vehicle purportedly failed to stop for the traffic ahead of him, and his dump truck slammed into the line of vehicles.

No matter one's experience, motorcycle accidents take a toll

Every year, public service campaigns are launched to remind motorists to drive with caution and be alert for other vehicles. The majority of motorists are diligent to watch for potential hazards that could lead to motorcycle accidents, though many motorcyclists suffer serious or even fatal injuries from inattentive drivers. Sadly, even the most experienced Minnesota riders can fall victim to a serious crash.

Recently, police and other emergency responders were summoned to the scene of a collision between a motorcycle and a pickup truck. According to the preliminary accident report, a motorcyclist headed south along a local road as he approached an intersection. As the rider proceeded into the crossroads, a man driving a pickup truck was headed north. The pickup truck driver was purportedly attempting to complete a left-hand turn when he collided with the motorcycle.

Parents and their role in reducing distracted driving accidents

When teens start driving, it can be an exciting time for a Minnesota family. After all, it may mean that Mom and Dad no longer have to drive that member of the family from place to place. It is also a great time of new independence and growth for the teen. It can also be a dangerous time, and parents would be wise to make the effort to ensure that young drivers in their homes are making smart, safe choices behind the wheel.

Every age group is susceptible to distracted driving, but it can be an especially prominent issue for teen drivers. They use their phones extensively in their everyday lives, and it's hard to turn that habit off while behind the wheel. When Minnesota parents take the time to teach and encourage safe driving habits, teens will be safer, and there will be fewer distracted drivers out on the road.


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