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Don't let uninsurerd or underinsured motorists ruin your finances

The majority of Minnesota drivers obey the traffic laws and carry the required insurance coverage. Unfortunately, all too often, serious crashes are caused by uninsured or underinsured motorists. If such an accident occurs, victims could find themselves facing expenses that exceed the limits of their regular coverage.

Minnesota drivers are required to carry both underinsured and uninsured bodily injury coverage. Property damage coverage is optional in the state but could help cover the cost of damages or replacement of a vehicle or other property in the event the at-fault motorist lacks insurance. According to the Insurance Information Institute, an estimated one out of every eight drivers lacks adequate insurance coverage. The main purpose of both uninsured and underinsured motorist bodily injury insurance is to cover the cost of medical care in the event of an accident with a driver that is uninsured. In some states, this coverage may extend to family members or passengers.

Twin Cities electric scooters pose injury risks

This year, electric dockless scooters became yet another rentable transportation option available to twin city dwellers. Even as the weather gets chilly, folks downtown are looking to try out the new rides before the snow sticks.

But, be warned, using these electric scooters is liable to create more harm than fun. Here are a few reasons why.

Unidentified woman seriously injured in pedestrian accident

Officials in cities and towns throughout Minnesota work hard to ensure the safety of the public. One of the measures they take is to carefully mark pedestrian crossings in an effort to protect walkers from motorists. Unfortunately, in spite of the laws and safety markings, a pedestrian accident is an unfortunate reality when a driver is inattentive or otherwise negligent. 

Recently, one woman was a victim of one of these collisions. According to officials, she was attempting to cross a street within the safety of a marked crosswalk. Before she could complete her crossing, she was hit by a passing motorist. The impact of the collision propelled the victim several feet into the air before she landed on the street surface.

Whiplash can turn out to be more serious than you think

Hollywood has done a good job of making certain issues seem trivial. One of them is whiplash. People tend to make fun of this injury and make it seem as if it is no big deal. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Any injury that could potentially affect a Minnesota resident's spinal cord should always be taken seriously.

Whiplash occurs when the head and neck are violently thrown back and forth as in a rear-end collision. Most people already know that neck pain is the primary indicator of whiplash. However, other symptoms often accompany it such as headache, the inability to turn the head from side to side and pain in the shoulders and upper back. A person could also experience numbness, weakness and tingling in the arms.

How many will die in car accidents caused by distracted drivers?

It is possible that, ever since the invention of the wheel, there have been drivers who have allowed distractions to take their attention away from the task at hand. With the advent of technology, there are even more distractions that vie for the attention of motorists. Sadly, it appears that there is no end to the number of deadly car accidents in Minnesota -- and elsewhere -- that can be attributed to negligent motorists.

One recent crash occurred in a town northwest of Minneapolis. The incident took place along a local road on a Friday evening. According to the report, a 17-year-old female was driving a full-size pickup when she claimed her cell phone vibrated. She stated that she had looked at her phone to determine whether she was receiving an incoming phone call or a text message. As she was distracted by the device, she allowed her vehicle to stray over the dividing line into opposing traffic.

Injured while driving a construction truck? Your right to damages

During the summer months and throughout the fall, Minnesota construction companies work diligently to repair roads and maintain building structures before it begins to snow. Construction workers face significant danger when handling heavy equipment, but perhaps the largest potential for injury lies in construction vehicle accidents.

Whether your job requires you to repave roads in downtown Minneapolis or reconstruct medians on I-94, you could suffer from car accident injuries if hit by a distracted commuter. If your injury occurs while you work your construction job, you may have the right to have your medical costs paid for by your own company. In Minnesota, you hold the right to apply for workers’ compensation if another vehicle injures you while you work, but you may not want to try to contact your employer’s insurance company alone. Hiring an experienced attorney that will help you gather evidence and present your case may leave you receiving the maximum amount of payment possible.

Does Minnesota's police chase policy cause car accidents?

This past June, a police chase ended in a driver trying to avoid arrest by plowing through a school playground. Three little children suffered serious injuries when the vehicle ran over them. This tragedy may emphasize the need for Minnesota State Police to revise their chase policies to try and prevent more injuries due to tragic car accidents.

One professor has reviewed data regarding fatalities that have been caused by police pursuits. Several states have revised their policies regarding these often dangerous pursuits in an effort to prevent the possibility of innocent bystanders being harmed in a crash. While Minnesota has one of the lower death rates in the country, it purportedly has one of the vaguer pursuit policies in effect.

Officers in one community work to prevent pedestrian accidents

Minnesota law requires motorists to yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian in a marked crossing as soon as he or she has left the safety of the sidewalk. Though the law is stated clearly, there have been countless pedestrian accidents that have resulted in serious injuries. Recent enforcement campaigns have shed light on how widespread the dangers are when drivers fail to obey this law.

Police officers in one Minnesota community conducted a campaign to ensure compliance for the second year that targeted several crosswalk areas over a period of days. Over a four-day span at a dozen locations, more than 163 drivers were stopped last year for not yielding to pedestrians. Of that number, approximately 131 received traffic citations. The operation involves officers dressed in plain clothes attempting to cross at designated crosswalks. 

Distracted driving leading to increased numbers of car accidents

One of the milestones for many is obtaining a driver's license. This comes with the responsibility to operate a motor vehicle in a safe and courteous manner. Sadly, Minnesota reports an increase in the number of serious car accidents that have been attributed to distracted driving.

According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, an estimated one out of every four crashes in the state is the result of driver distractions. Approximately 70 people are killed in these types of crashes every year while another 350 victims suffer serious injuries. The actual numbers are believed to be much higher, but investigators are not always able to confirm whether distraction was a factor in a crash.

Minneapolis ranks 14th in animal attacks against mail carriers

Those who work for the United States Postal Service provide an invaluable service throughout the nation. They work in all climates and endure the hardships of harsh weather and unfavorable environmental conditions, including negotiating the traffic and road conditions in large cities and rural areas. They also face another hazard -- unprovoked animal attacks that occur too frequently in cities such as Minneapolis.

Recently, one mail carrier shared his experience while delivering mail on a route with which he was unaccustomed. As he approached one residence to slide the mail into the provided slot, he suddenly became aware of an animal launching itself out of an unsecured window. The dog then hurtled itself at the unprepared man and latched onto his arm. In a panic, the worker then forcefully yanked his arm out of the animal's mouth. As the dog prepared to attack again, the carrier shifted his bag to absorb the blow.


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