Trustworthy Guidance With Insurance Claims From Start To Finish

Filing an insurance claim after a serious accident or natural disaster can be an incredibly complex endeavor, even for those who consider themselves to be enlightened about the process. Everything from a simple mistake on a claim form to a misunderstanding about policy coverage can jeopardize much needed compensation as well as the sanity of those filing a claim.

At Goldstein Law, PLLC, we help individuals and businesses throughout the Twin Cities metro and surrounding suburbs navigate the complex insurance claims process in order to get the fair compensation they need to fully address the damages they have incurred. We take a team approach to handling legal matters, which not only means you will have a skilled team in your corner working toward the most favorable outcome, but you will also have full access to attorneys and paralegals who can address your many questions and concerns.

Compassionate And Professional Help In Your Time Of Need

When tragedy strikes and you need to file an insurance claim, you need someone you can turn to who you can trust to answer your legal questions, walk you through your policy and ensure the settlement offer you receive from the insurance adjuster is truly in your best interests. While you might not be able to get the same certainty from your insurance company, you will from Goldstein Law, PLLC.

We have decades of experience resolving a variety of insurance claims stemming from:

  • Car accidents — We've handled cases involving large trucking companies, distracted drivers, dram shop liability laws and more, helping people recover damages for their vehicles and other property.
  • Health insurance issues — We've successfully recovered compensation for medical bills and other health care expenses associated with a range of personal injury accidents, including slip and falls.
  • Property damage — We can help homeowners in Minnesota navigate the claims process following a natural disaster as well as business owners when fire or other damaging events destroy a business and its property.
  • Work-related injuries — We help injured workers and their families recover benefits provided through insurance for work-related injuries and disabilities.

Helping You Manage All Your Health Care And Legal Needs

The biggest thing people worry about following a serious accident is how they will pay their medical bills, especially if their injuries resulted in a lengthy stay in the hospital, considerable time away from work, extensive surgeries, prolonged physical therapy or other expensive medical care. You should be focused on your recovery, not the financial burden currently in front of you.

We coordinate with health insurance to make sure the specialists and treatments you need to address the full extent of your injuries are covered and that you receive insurance compensation on your bills as soon as possible.

In cases of permanent disability, we also provide legal services to protect government benefits such as helping you establish a special needs trust or through the use of other resource protection tools.

Experience Negotiating With Insurers

In an effort to protect themselves from paying out on fraudulent claims, many insurance companies train their adjusters to listen for key words and phrases. Unfortunately, plaintiffs who are unaware of these practices could accidentally say something that could jeopardize their claim.

Additionally, some insurance companies are known for acting in bad faith such as denying legitimate claims or delaying settlements in an effort to get plaintiffs to settle for less than they deserve or drop their claim altogether.

The lawyers at Goldstein Law, PLLC, are well aware of these tactics and know how to combat them for the benefit of our clients. If you're receiving pushback from your insurer regarding a claim, turn to our legal team. We can negotiate on your behalf and hopefully reach a resolution that doesn't result in costly litigation.

Schedule A Free Consultation With Our Insurance Claims Attorneys

Protecting our clients' best interests and ensuring they get the compensation they need and deserve is only part of how we earn the complete trust of our clients. We will take the time to get to know you along with your needs to make sure we are helping you in every way we can.

If you would like to sit down with one of our experienced lawyers to discuss your insurance claim and legal needs, please contact our south Minneapolis office to schedule a free initial consultation. Call 612-977-1040, or send us an email with a brief description of you legal needs.

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