Helping Twin Cities Real Estate Investors Make Sound Decisions Through Syndication

In today's economy, there are many distressed properties available for acquisition. These properties may include REO single family homes, residential rental properties and commercial real estate, just to name a few.

Many buyers find it advisable to partner with friends, relatives or others to raise the necessary funds to invest in these properties. This is essentially the basis for real estate syndication, and at Goldstein Law, PLLC, in south Minneapolis, we can help you navigate the complex syndication system with greater ease.

We Have Experience Putting Partners Together In Syndication

Syndication allows investors to work together to purchase real estate they couldn't afford individually. Another advantage of real estate syndication is that it spreads out the risk among many investors if problems arise in the future. Working with a lawyer can help you make sure all legal documents are drafted correctly and the proper planning is in place.

Our lawyers will help you create comprehensive private placement memoranda and subscription agreements. This allows equity to be raised from potential investors to fund new opportunities.

Additionally, we know how to legally structure these types of real estate transactions. We understand the importance of properly drafting member control agreements and shareholder agreements. These critical documents disclose and resolve potential partner issues at the beginning of the relationship to avoid disputes down the road.

Our lawyers can assist you with all aspects of real estate syndication, including:

  • LLC partnership agreements
  • Financing with a variety of lenders
  • New construction projects
  • Compliance with securities laws
  • Tax planning
  • Professional property management
  • 1031 exchanges

Are you a business owner in the Minneapolis area? We not only have experience with real estate transactions, but we also have extensive business law experience. We have a diverse client base that includes members of many ethnic communities, including Hispanic, Somali, Russian and Korean. We understand your business needs and can help you with any legal matters that extend beyond real estate syndication.

Trusted Real Estate Attorneys, Ready To Guide You

Having worked in the greater Minneapolis metro for decades, we have developed a reputation as a high-quality and well-regarded law firm. Our clients trust they are in good hands because we are dedicated to resolving legal matters and getting results. We can do the same for you.

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