Putting Twin Cities Business Owners In Strong Legal Positions

At Goldstein Law, PLLC, we offer practical and valuable business advice that is based on firsthand experience. Many of the members of our legal team have owned and operated a variety of businesses over the years. In addition, we live and work in the communities in which we serve. This gives us valuable insight into the legal needs of our business clients, making us a trusted ally every step of the way.

Our firm has the experience, diversity and creativity to assist businesses of all sizes and at all stages of development in the greater Minneapolis metro. By utilizing a team approach when working with our clients, we are able to provide a high level of legal counsel that few law firms in the Twin Cities can match.

Get Trustworthy Advice From Knowledge Attorneys

In the area of business law, we believe prevention really is the best cure. Our attorneys will work hard to help you avoid future problems by handling everything from providing smart business and tax planning solutions, to carefully drafting contracts and agreements, to providing sound legal advice that can help you head off many potential disputes.

Our services include:

Business Formation And Planning

By providing you with up-to-date tax and legal advice, we can guide you through the process of selecting and creating the most suitable type of entity for your new enterprise. By implementing the proper shareholder and partner agreements from inception of your business, we can minimize the potential for future disputes, balance competing interests and optimize succession planning.

We know what it takes to transform an idea into a successful operation. We can help you avoid common obstacles and provide ongoing guidance as the business grows.

Commercial Litigation

As parties, advisers and trial lawyers, we have witnessed both the benefits and pitfalls of litigation. Like a good poker player, we know "when to hold them and know when to fold them."

We offer practical and wise counsel regarding the pros and cons of resorting to litigation and can help chart the course for you if you choose this option. If you are on the receiving end of a lawsuit, we will rigorously defend your interests while helping you and your business navigate through various challenges of the litigation process.

Real Estate Transactions And Disputes

Members of our team have been involved in real estate transactions from the perspective of party, broker, buyer, seller, lawyer, developer, financier and financial adviser. This gives you a comprehensive perspective, which is especially advantageous in the current challenging real estate market.

Real Estate Syndication

Are you considering an acquisition or a development with an investment group? Our team has syndicated projects in the past and can provide valuable advice regarding financing and procedural matters. We combine our tax, legal and business experience to successfully guide you through the process.

We are equipped to review and draft most contracts that your business will be exposed to or need for your business or commercial ventures. We specialize in real estate contracts, entertainment issues, personal and real property leases, demand and supply requirements and most personal services contracts.

Employment Law

We have experience being employers and employees as well as lawyers. Accordingly, we can help draft employment agreements and handbooks that protect your legal interests and provide clear guidance to your employees.

When conflict arises within the workplace, we specialize in crafting solutions where all parties are satisfied with the outcome. Recent legislation has diminished the availability of deferred compensation options. Our team has the financial and legal expertise to help your company explore the compensation options that are available to you and your executive employees.

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Whether you're a business owner in the heart of downtown Minneapolis or are operating in one of Minnesota's many suburbs, Goldstein Law, PLLC, can help you get the most out of your business by helping you avoid legal matters and resolving them quickly when they do arise.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with one of our highly experienced business law attorneys, we encourage you to contact our south Minneapolis office. Call 612-977-1040 or contact us online to arrange a meeting today.

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